🫷 Mano Empujando Hacia La Izquierda Emoji

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Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1)

Noto Color Emoji (Unicode 15.1)

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The "leftwards pushing hand" emoji 🫷 depicts a hand facing left with the palm open as if pushing against something.

It can be used to convey stopping, pushing away, rejection, or telling someone to pause or wait. This emoji can also be used in situations where someone wants to high five or refuse something in a friendly manner.

Ejemplos de texto:

  • Can we talk about this later? 🫷 I'm in the middle of something right now.
  • No snacks before dinner 🫷🍪 Let's eat healthy!
  • Let's not rush into a decision, okay? 🫷 We need to think this through.
  • No thanks, I'll pass this time. 🫷
  • Remember to push away negative thoughts. 🫷

Unicode CLDR - Anotaciones de emoji:

Nombre corto: mano empujando hacia la izquierda

Palabras clave: choca esos cinco | detener | empujar | hacia la izquierda | mano empujando hacia la izquierda | parar | rechazar | stop

Categorias: 👏 Manos

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Noto Color Emoji 15.1

Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1)

Noto Emoji 15.0

Google (Noto Emoji - Unicode 15.0)

OpenMoji 15.0

OpenMoji 15.0

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🫷 Emoji En Otras Idiomas

IdiomaNombre corto
alemánnach links schiebende Hand
árabeيد تدفع يسارًا
chino simplificado向左推
chino tradicional手向左推
coreano왼쪽으로 밀치는 손
francésmain qui pousse vers la gauche
inglésleftwards pushing hand
italianomano che spinge a sinistra
portuguésmão empurrando para a esquerda
turcosola iten el
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Los datos se basan en Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) v43

🫷 Unicode Data
Puntos de código Unicode🫷: U+1FAF7
Unicode VersionUnicode 15.0
Emoji VersionEmoji 15.0

🫷 Emoji - Códigos
C, C++ & Python\U0001faf7
Java, JavaScript & JSON\uD83E\uDEF7
PHP & Ruby\u{1FAF7}
URL Escape Code%F0%9F%AB%B7