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Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1)

Noto Color Emoji (Unicode 15.1)

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The "shaking face" emoji 🫨 represents a face that appears to be vibrating or shaking, often used to convey shock, disbelief, or to represent a physical earthquake or vibration. Its wide-open eyes give the impression of someone being jostled or in a state of tremor.

This emoji can be used to express a reaction to something shocking or unbelievable, to depict a literal shaking due to an earthquake or other vibratory force, or even to convey a sense of being emotionally rattled or disturbed.

Exemplos de texto:

  • Can't believe the plot twist in the season finale 🫨😱
  • Did you feel that earthquake last night? 🫨🌍
  • My phone won't stop buzzing from all these notifications 🫨📱
  • That jump scare literally shook me! 🫨👻
  • When you realize you have an exam in an hour you forgot about 🫨📚

Unicode CLDR - Anotações de emoji:

Nome curto: rosto tremendo

Palavras-chave: choque | rosto | terremoto | tremendo | vibração

Categorias: 🤐 Rostos Neutros & Céticos

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Noto Color Emoji 15.1

Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1)

Noto Emoji 15.0

Google (Noto Emoji - Unicode 15.0)

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OpenMoji 15.0

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🫨 Emoji em outras línguas

LínguaNome curto
alemãozitterndes Doppelgesicht
árabeوجه يهتز
chinês simplificado颤抖
chinês tradicional動搖的表情
coreano요동치는 얼굴
espanholcara temblorosa
francêsvisage secoué
inglêsshaking face
italianofaccina tremante
turcosallanan yüz
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Pontos de código Unicode🫨: U+1FAE8
Unicode VersionUnicode 15.0
Emoji VersionEmoji 15.0

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C, C++ & Python\U0001fae8
Java, JavaScript & JSON\uD83E\uDEE8
PHP & Ruby\u{1FAE8}
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