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Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1)

Noto Color Emoji (Unicode 15.1)

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The "enraged face" emoji 😡 is an extremely angry face. It is red in color, representing heightened fury, with scrunched eyebrows. The corners of the mouth are pointing downwards to portray intense levels of rage and frustration.

This emoji primarily expresses extreme anger, fierce rage, hostility, and aggressive frustration. It can indicate a person is fuming or throwing a tantrum. It is usually used when the person is very irritated, infuriated or displeased with what someone has done or said.

Exemples de texte:

  • I can't believe you did that without asking me first! 😡
  • Just found out that my flight got cancelled again! 😡✈️
  • I am so done with this traffic! What's with the construction every single day? 😡🚧
  • How could you forget our anniversary? I'm really mad right now. 😡💔
  • Ugh, the internet is down again right when I need to work! 😡💻

Unicode CLDR - Les annotations d'emoji :

Nom court : visage boudeur

Mots-clés : colère | énervé | furieux | visage | visage boudeur

Categories : 😤 Visages: Sentiment Négatif

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Noto Color Emoji 15.1

Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1)

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Google (Noto Emoji - Unicode 15.0)

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OpenMoji 15.0
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Twitter / X (Twemoji 14.0)

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😡 Emoji Dans D'Autres Langues

LangueNom court
allemandschmollendes Gesicht
anglaisenraged face
arabeوجه مشتاط غضبًا
chinois simplifié怒火中烧
chinois traditionnel生氣
coréen뾰로통한 얼굴
espagnolcara cabreada
italienfaccina accigliata
portugaisrosto furioso
turcsomurtkan yüz
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Sur la base d'Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) v43

😡 Unicode Data
Point(s) de code Unicode😡: U+1F621
Unicode VersionUnicode 6.0
Emoji VersionEmoji 1.0

😡 Emoji - Codes
Shortcode (Discord):rage:
Shortcode (GitHub):rage:
Shortcode (Slack) - Français:rage:
C, C++ & Python\U0001f621
Java, JavaScript & JSON\uD83D\uDE21
PHP & Ruby\u{1F621}
URL Escape Code%F0%9F%98%A1